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College education: arguments for and against

One of the most popular arguments against college education is that people are not educated enough to get the jobs they need or want. College education has indeed contributed to today's economic structure. College education has allowed people with lesser qualifications to obtain the highest paying jobs. College education has also increased the range and number of opportunities available to people of different races and ethnic backgrounds. While arguments can be made against both arguments, in the end it is the choice of the student to pursue his chosen course of study that will determine his or her financial future.

The argument that the cost of college education is too high is a complicated one (Southern New Hampshire University and Forbes). First, some consider that the availability of good jobs has increased so fast that it has rendered college unnecessary. Second, it is argued that in the time spent at college, today's students could have received higher grades and more credit hours had they been schooled in the traditional way. Third, it is argued that today's colleges are more expensive than ever before thanks to skyrocketing tuition fees and the high cost of textbooks. Finally, it is argued that employers are reluctant to hire college graduates because they are perceived to lack the skills employers look for in a worker.

The benefits of college education are many and obvious. Higher incomes mean a person has more money to spend on other things. A higher standard of living means a person has more security. College graduates have better employment prospects, which leads to more money, and so on. In short, the ability to earn more money, secure a better job, and enjoy a better standard of living are the main arguments for earning a degree.

The arguments against a college education center around the fact that not everyone needs a higher education. In other words, colleges are only useful for those who want to further their education and improve their chances of getting a better job in the future. Also, not everyone will be able to pay for college education. In this case, you can read best essay writing services.

This is not to say that not all people should go to college. A good education is important regardless of one's personal situation. College is important for earning a living, developing social skills, acquiring knowledge about one's aptitude for a particular career, learning how to work with others, learning to write well, learning how to make the most of one's talents, learning how to get along with a diverse set of peers, learning how to accept help from classmates, developing an academic reputation, gaining a sense of self-worth, and more. These arguments for and against college education may seem all too common to many people, but this is simply to demonstrate that we should weigh the arguments carefully and see what the positives and negatives are before making up our minds.

It is important to remember that we are paying for our kids' education. There will always be a financial burden, no matter which avenue of study they choose. The cost of a college education is certainly arguable, but many people can easily make the case that it would be worth it. All it takes is a little research to find out what options are available to you.

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