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British Veterans Newcastle & Hunter Anzac Day

You may be aware that Anzac Day (25 April) is the Australian equivalent of Remberance Day although that occasion is still commemorated, as is Battle of Britain Day. 

Members of the British Veterans Newcastle & Hunter joined Novocastrians to honour the Anzac spirit for the 92nd Anzac Day March: a day to commemorate the sacrifice forged in Turkey in 1915, and salute the 100,000 war dead that have suffered since.

The British contingent was under the command of Gwynn Felton who saw service in the Canal Zone and Kenya with The Buffs.  Two cadets from Newcastle Grammar were flag bearers and Pauline Wood carried the standard.

Among the marchers were Barbara Horkan who saw service with the QAARNC in India, Japan and New Guinea; Duncan Price (Royal Signals, Canal Zone), Mike Wood (Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Kenya; Pat Warren (Royal Signals, Germany); John King (Royal Artillery, Northern Ireland and Pat Evisom (REME Libya).

A tribute was laid by Peter Hope (Royal Signals, Canal Zone and Malta).

The people of Newcastle demonstrated this spirit by turning out in the thousands to the dawn service and street march in torrential rain.

Organisers estimated about 4000 people turned out for the dawn service at Nobbys Beach despite the bleak condition, lining the road and spilling onto the sand.

Young and old lined the streets to witness the march and cheer on about 350 veterans, including more than 100 Vietnam veterans, and current servicemen and women.

Poor weather altered the destination of the Anzac Day march in Newcastle when the service was changed from Civic Park to City Hall, but it did not threaten the city’s support of the event.

Over the Anzac Day period the Newcastle Heritage Re-Enactment Group, under the command of Duncan Price, provided seven catafalque parades at a number of local schools.  Included in these schools was Mayfield East Primary School, a school that the British Veterans support.

Plans are underway for the next major activity when British Veterans will recognise Veterans Day.

Photo Captions:

#1 Parade Commander Gwynn Felton -  the British Veterans pass the reviewing officer.

#2 “Rain Did Not Weary Them.” Pictured (right to left) – Pauline Wood, Gwynn Felton, Mike Wood and Suzanne Wood.

#3 Mike Wood Suzanne Wood and John King.

Perhaps, you would like to attend our meeting:-

BRITISH VETERANS NEWCASTLE & HUNTER, 11am, third Monday of the month, Mayfield Ex-Services Club, details on 02 4990 5349 or .


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