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Directory Services (help, advice, support, accomodation etc)


Many ex-Service care homes are available to all ex-Service personnel and their dependants but some give priority, particular to a service (such as ex-Mariners or ex-RAF) and very rarely have vacancies for personnel from a different service. One or two are for men only or women only and some have other restrictions (such as the Royal Cambridge Home for ladies with defined Army connections).

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund operates a help line for all ex-RAF personnel and dependants who may wish to ring Tel: 0800 169 2942 for further advice about Care Homes run by the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and the Royal Air Forces Association.

On 1 April 2002, the Care Standards Act 2000 introduced the generic title of care homes. The adjectives nursing, residential and dual registered no longer apply. All care homes now have to be registered with the National Care Standards Commission (or Committee in Scotland) for the function they perform. There are no exceptions.

There are a number of Welfare Break Centres owned by The Royal British Legion, which are able to offer the ea break of up to two weeks. However these Centres are unable to provide any personal care or administer medication, but those guests needing this level of care are still welcome if their needs can be safely provided by an accompanying carer and with the prior agreement of the Manager.

There are other Short Welfare Break and Respite facilities provided by other ex-Service Charities such as those owned by the RAF, who are able to provide a level of care if necessary. Care Homes also provide respite care as available.

The Ex-Service Charities also provide a number of independent living housing options, with a limited number providing sheltered housing with a resident manager on site. The majority of houses, bungalows, flats and hostels available are for those ex-service men, women and dependants who are able to look after themselves. Many are adapted for people with various disabilities. Again there a some specific to certain Services i.e.: RAF only or ladies only. Most do not have age limits and would be suitable for most age groups to apply.

There is no guarantee that the ex-Service Care Homes listed in this website will have any vacancies. Please ring the care home to find out.

We are also able to provide advise about Care Homes and Retirement Housing outside the remit of ex-Service charities.

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