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Veterans Health – Extension of the scope of the Medical Assessment Programme (MAP)

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Announcement PhotoThe Government has for some time been concerned about the number of veterans suffering from mental health problems which are related to their active service.  As a first step to help these veterans, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has decided to extend the scope of the Medical Assessment Programme (MAP), based at St Thomas' Hospital, London, to any veteran suffering mental health problems who has served on operations since 1982.

This will be directed in particular at those who are concerned that their problem may not have been fully understood within the NHS and will include veterans of the Falklands Conflict.  The MAP will not provide treatment but will offer an assessment by an expert in the mental health problems that arise from military service, including, where appropriate, a recommendation to the individual and his/her GP for treatment. Veterans who have concerns about their mental health should seek a referral to the MAP via their GP; the cost of the assessment will be borne by the MOD.

In view of the nature of operations in Afghanistan, the MOD has also decided that personnel, both Service and civilian, who have served in Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK and have wider concerns about the effect of their Service on their health can be referred to the MAP for examination; this extends the arrangement already available for veterans of the 1990/1991 Gulf Conflict and the current Iraq deployment (Operation TELIC).

Treatment will not be provided but individuals’ GPs will be informed of the outcome of the medical assessment with recommendations for further action where necessary.


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