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Whilst preparing your coverage, please bear a thought for the welfare of your audience.  Making references to the FREE Veterans Helpline 0800 169 2277 and website will help ensure veterans receive the help and support they deserve.

Media Fact sheet – Background information

What is Veterans-UK?
Veterans-UK is the new brand bringing together services to veterans. It’s the first stop for veterans who need help and advice.

The first organisation to use this name for its services is the Ministry of Defence’s Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA). This new Agency (formally Veterans Agency and AFPAA) provides for the first time, a range of ‘through life’ support functions direct to around 900,000 serving and ex-Service personnel.

Who is a veteran?  Who can we help?
A veteran is anyone who has served in HM Armed Forces, regular or reserve including National Servicemen, former Polish forces under British command and Merchant Mariners who have seen duty in military operations (e.g. the Falklands Conflict). Veterans, along with their families and dependents make up the veterans community and all are entitled to our services.

Need help and advice?
The Veterans free helpline 0800 169 2277 or website  are the first points of contact for veterans needing advice. Dedicated helpline staff offer advice on War Pensions, Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, Armed Forces Pensions, Medals, Service Records and almost any other matters such as statutory benefits, money worries, loans and grants, emergency accommodation and employment.

Need one to one help?
SPVA has a national network of welfare offices across the UK and Ireland.  Welfare Managers are available to provide one to one assistance in the home, offering practical welfare advice such as liasing with local authorities, completion of forms and claiming benefits.  They will always make sure veterans get the help available from those best placed to provide it.  Just call 0800 169 2277.

Contact Points:
For more information, contact SPVA Press Officer’s, David Johnson, on 01253 333041 or 07717 882014.


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