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Pensions / Compensation

War Pensions Scheme

Am I eligible to claim?
How do I claim?
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How will I be paid?
Supplementary Allowances
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How do I claim?

If you feel you may be eligible to claim a War Disablement Pension, a War Widow's/Widower's Pension or a claim under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, you will need to complete a claim form.

If you wish, you may contact Service Personnel and Veterans Agency to request a claim form.

Can I get help completing my claim form?


Claim forms

Claim forms are in PDF format PDF Icon

Acrobat ReaderYou can download a claim form to either complete by hand or save to disk. The forms come with notes that will help you complete them. The forms only work in version 4 or above of Adobe Acrobat reader which can be downloaded free of charge

Technical support - if you are having technical difficulties using this form you may contact the Webmaster.

Important information for customers living in Cyprus

Pensioners in Cyprus should be aware that our Cyprus office is now closed. All claims, correspondence and requests relating to their War Disablement Pension (including Treatment Claims) must now be sent directly to the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency at the following address:

Tomlinson House
Thornton Cleveleys

Should you wish to contact us please call 441253 866043 or e-mail us at:

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
If your claim relates to a Service injury, wound or illness sustained on or after 06 April 2005,
the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme applies to you.

War Pensions Scheme  
To save a copy of one of the following claim forms, right click with your mouse on the links below and choose the 'Save Target As' option.

WPA 0001 War Disablement Pension Claim Form
WPA 0001C War Disablement Pension under the Personal Injuries (Civilians) Scheme Claim Form
WPA 0001M Mercantile Marine Claim Form
WPA 0002 Further Condition Claim Form
WPA 0012 Application For A Review

War Widow's / Widower’s Pension
WPA0004-WWP War Widow's/Widower's Pension/Funeral Expenses
WPA 0004R Restored War Widow's/Widower's Pension Claim Form
WPA 0010 Claim For Funeral Expenses

Supplementary Allowances
To request any of the following Supplementary Allowance claim forms, please contact the
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency Freephone Helpline.

War Disablement Pension WPA 0003(ALSO) Allowance for Lowered Standard of Occupation
War Disablement Pension WPA 0003 (CLOTHING) Clothing Allowance
War Disablement Pension WPA 0003(CAA) Constant Attendance Allowance
War Disablement Pension WPA 0003(WPMS) War Pensioners Mobility Supplement
War Disablement Pension WPA 0003(UNSUPP) Unemployability Supplement
War Disablement Pension WPA 0003(UNSUPPF) Unemployability Supplement For Family

Ex - Gratia payment for British groups held prisoner by Japanese

WPA 0009C Claim for an Ex-Gratia payment for Ex-Far East Prisoners of War, Merchant Seamen imprisoned by the Japanese or Civilian Internees
WPA 0009W Claim for an Ex-Gratia payment for a SURVIVING SPOUSE of an Ex-Far East Prisoner of War, Merchant Seaman imprisoned by the Japanese or Civilian Internee

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