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War Pensions Scheme

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What is the claim process?

War Disablement Pension
How long does the claim process take?
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency Medical Services
Calculating your entitlement - War Disablement Pension

War Disablement Pension
Once we receive your completed claim form we will send you an acknowledgement and a leaflet explaining how we make a decision on your claim.

The claim process follows a number of stages.

Stage 1
We will obtain your Service records to provide evidence about your Military Service and/or wartime experience that you claim has caused your disablement.

Stage 2
Our clerical and medical staff will look at the information you have given us. They will decide if we need some more medical evidence to help us make a decision on your claim. We will only ask for the information that we need to make a decision.
We may;

Stage 3
If you we arrange for you to have a medical examination we will ask the Medical Service Centre that deals with your area to arrange an appointment for you. If the time or place of the appointment they give you are not convenient, you should contact the centre and they will re-arrange your appointment. When you have been examined, the completed report will be sent back to us.

Stage 4
When we have all the Service and medical details that we need, one of our medical advisers will look at all the information and we will make a decision on your claim. Where entitlement to War Disablement Pension is established it is then necessary to determine the degree of the claimed service-related disablement. The medical adviser assesses your disablement in comparison to that of an able-bodied person of the same age and sex. We will write to you and let you know the decision of your claim as soon as we can.

Throughout the claim process we will keep you informed of the progress.

How long does the claim process take?

War Disablement Pension claims have to go through several stages before we can make a decision. We aim to clear War Pension claims within an average of 53 working days and in setting this target we take into account that there can be delays. Some cases take longer than others simply because they are more complicated. We will contact you to tell you how your claim is progressing, and explain if there is a delay.

War Widow's/Widower's Pension claims follow a number of stages similar to the War Disablement Pension, however, as the claim process is slightly shorter we aim to clear War Widow's/Widower's claims within an average of 21 working days. Sometimes it may take longer. If we do expect delays we will let you know.

If you wish to enquire about the progress of your claim, please contact us.
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency Medical Services

Medical Advisers (MA) employed by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency all hold full registration with the General Medical Council and have been recruited from a number of specialities. A number of MAs have also Served in HM Armed Forces.

What is their role?
As required by War Pensions Legislation, doctors known as MAs consider medical aspects of War Pension claims and appeals. The MA has both medical expertise and special training in the War Pensions Scheme.

What is the medical process?
The MA takes into account the case specific facts, the relevant law and policy and the contemporary medical understanding of the relevant disablement. Having considered all the evidence available a certificate of entitlement or rejection will be provided.  

To view the “How We Decide Who Receives a War Disablement Pension leaflet, click here.

Calculating your entitlement - War Disablement Pension

The amount of money we pay is dependent on the extent of your disablement, i.e; any physical or mental injury or damage, or loss of physical or mental capacity. We will look at the conditions you have claimed for.
Conditions are defined as:

We will use the information you have provided and advice from medical advisers in order to assess your disablement. We work out our assessment of your disablement as a percentage.
If we assess your disablement at 20% or more, we will pay you a pension.

If your disablement is assessed at less than 20%, we will normally pay you a lump sum called a gratuity. The amount depends on the extent of your disablement and how long you are likely to be disabled.

If your condition is Noise-Induced Sensorineural Hearing Loss and your disablement is less than 20% we will not be able to pay you a pension or lump sum. Leaflet 10 – Notes about War Pension claims for deafness.

Leaflet 9 - Rates of War Pensions and allowances.


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