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Royal Navy



Prior to 1972 all RN personnel were given their service record when they discharged. For pension purposes the RN retained pay details. Therefore the only information held on RN personnel who served prior to 1972 are their Service details (number, rank, name etc) and a list of dates and ships/shore bases.

Certificate of Kinship
Information from the personal record of a deceased Ex-serviceman/woman can be released only with the consent of  the official Next of Kin.  The Certificate of Kinship form aims to identify whose consent is required and the data you provide will be used only in connection with your enquiry.  This form is retained for 2 years should you have subsequent queries.

To download the Certificate of Kinship form, please click here.

A Subject Access Requests (SAR) form needs to be completed in order to access records.

The following address should be used for all Royal Navy and Royal Marine Enquiries

RN Disclosures Cell
Room 48
West Battery
Whale Island

Telephone: 02392 628779/ 02392 628781


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