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Veterans Day 27 June 2006 2007

Veterans Day is both a celebration of the contribution made by all those who have served in the Armed Forces - as well as those in Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who have served in support of operations – and a means of raising public awareness of Veterans issues. At a recent event hosted by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, the Minister for Veterans pledged to provide up to £10,000 to each of fifteen “Flagship” cities who are being invited to draw up plans for Veterans Day events that engage with the local community and particularly young people. Funding up to £10,000 per event will also be provided to support smaller community events around the UK. In 2007 many of these events will be linked to the 25th anniversary of the Falklands conflict.

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If you have attended a Veterans Day even either as a visitor or a participant, we welcome and value your feedback. Please note that all information is retained by the Ministry of Defence to benefit Veterans Day initiatives. All details remain within the MoD and are not transferred to any other agency. Click here.

Regional Newspapers Press Award
The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has launched its own prestigious Press award for regional and local newspapers that positively engage in reporting Veterans Day events in their communities.

Newsletter Issue 6 April 2007

Information Criteria Application Form

The city of Birmingham will host the
National Veterans Day Event for 2007

For the National Event Time Table, click here  

Hold the Front Page – A great Schools Competition

The competition has now closed.

Regional Newspaper Press Award

The MoD has launched its own prestigious Press award for regional and local newspapers that positively engage in reporting Veterans Day events in their communities. More details will be available soon.

Funding for Veterans Day Events

The MOD welcomes applications for funding assistance from communities and associations who wish to organise a Veterans Day event in their community. A link to the Veterans Day application form and criteria for funding is detailed below. Funding applications for 2007 community events are no longer being considered however the guidance and criteria will be similar for 2008.

Key messages

There are three key messages that Veterans Day seeks to communicate:

  1. The Veterans Community is highly diverse; all ex-Service personnel are Veterans whatever their age or Service experience.
  2. Veterans are special, not just because of their service, but also because of the contribution they continue to make, to their community and civil employers, through the transferable skills they have acquired.
  3. A wide range of support and advice is available to Veterans, through the public, charity and the voluntary sector.

To view and download an application form, criteria for funding and advice from the Veterans Day launch in Birmingham, please click here


To download previous copies of the Veterans Day newsletter please click on the relevant links

HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge Presentation Ceremonies

The presenting of the Veterans Badge as part of Veterans Day events is likely to prove most popular in local communities. Details of ideas for presentation events can be found on the January issue of the Veterans Day newsletter.  Please go to the following links:

Ceremony event organiser’s form
Badge application form
January Newsletter

Requesting VA Presence at Veterans Day Events

If you would like to have SPVA present at your event, please contact:

Nikki Jackson/Chrissie Butterworth
External Communications
Room 6108
Government Buildings

[email protected]
[email protected]

Tel - 01253 338711
Fax - 01253 332219
Please note SPVA has limited resources but will endeavour to assist wherever possible.

To View Events of 2006, click here

Link to Event Organisers Web Sites

Leeds Armouries
Leeds Moortown
London Greenwich
South Shropshire

Veterans Day Logo

Event organisers are permitted to use the Veterans Day logo as long as it is used solely for the purpose of promoting Veterans Day events. All printed material using the Veterans Day logo must be submitted to [email protected] in proof form for approval prior to publication.

Click to download the logos:
hi-resolution logo (colour)
low-resolution logo (colour)
black & white logo

Veterans Day 2007 Communications

Event Organisers Information

If you are organising or planning to organise an event to mark Veterans Day for 2007 or future years, please complete the details below including a brief idea of your potential events and we will send you a copy of 'Could you Recognise a Veteran' DVD along with funding application form and criteria via email.

To view part of the DVD click here.

*First Name
*Post code
Tel No

* Brief outline of your potential event

* Compulsory fields

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