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Veterans Day 27 June 2006 2008

Celebrating Veterans at the heart of our Community

Can you imagine celebrating your 20th birthday in the sweltering heat or bone chilling cold of a foreign land? Plotting a route for the wounded through minefields or consoling a wounded child when you cannot speak their language? These are just a few of the challenges that face members of our Armed Forces. However it is not just their military service that makes veterans special it is their continuing contribution to the fabric of our communities through the use of the skills they learned whilst in the Armed Forces that makes them unique. It is in recognition of this that the Ministry of Defence launched the annual Veterans Day on 27 June 2006.

Veterans Day is both a celebration of the contribution made by all those who have served in the Armed Forces and a means of raising public awareness of Veterans issues. It takes the form of a nationwide celebration. It is not about commemoration and therefore does not replicate Remembrance Day.

Initiated in 2006 the annual UK Veterans Day sought to raise the public profile of Veterans and the support that is available for this diverse community. Although this is only the third year this annual celebration on the 27th of June is rapidly developing into a nationwide celebration through which we aim to.highlight the following key messages:

¨ All ex Service personnel are Veterans, whatever their age, background or service experience
¨ Veterans continue to contribute to society through the transferable skills they have acquired during their military career
¨ A wide range of support and advice is available to the Veterans community

As veterans are an important part of the local community, the Ministry of Defence works with a wide range of organisations and individuals throughout the country in offering advice and, in many cases, financial assistance in organising Veterans Day events. In 2007, of the 250 known local events scattered across the UK, almost half received financial assistance from the Ministry of Defence. All of these Veterans Day events recognised the importance of our ex-Service personnel and sought to place them at the heart of their communities. Within the 250 events were 17 larger flagship events in cities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with the year’s national event being held in Birmingham. This year, preparations have started early with 35 cities already planning flagship events.

Taking Part
If you are interested in what you have read and would like to attend or participate in a Veterans Day event in your region this year, or are thinking of organising an event next year, please contact one of our officers listed here.

Blackpool to Host National Veterans Day

Blackpool has been chosen to host the 2008 National Veterans Day event. The announcement was made by Derek Twigg MP, Under Secretary of State for Defence and Minister for Veterans who said “I am pleased to announce that, alongside a huge range of events in other towns and cities across the UK, the town that will hold the main National Veterans Day event in 2008 is Blackpool”

For more information on Blackpool's events please visit
For information on other events please visit

Who to contact

Gareth Legg
Veterans Day Co-ordinator
Floor 7 – Zone I
MoD Main Building
0207 807 0966


Julian Mineur
Event Consultant (MoD)
Room 8101D
Lancashire FY5 3WP
Tel: 01253 333882
Mob: 079000 86761

Requesting SPVA Presence at Veterans Day Events

If you would like to have SPVA present at your event, please contact:

Nikki Jackson/Chrissie Butterworth
External Communications
Room 6108
Government Buildings
(For the attention of Nicola Jackson or Chrissie Butterworth)
Tel - 01253 338711
Fax - 01253 332219

Please note SPVA has limited resources but will endeavour to assist wherever possible.



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