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Minutes of the Veterans Forum Meeting held in the Victory Services Club on 05 March 2003

Annex A. Progress made by Working Groups.
Annex B. Comments by Chairman COBSEO.
Annex C. DCMS Speaking Notes.
Annex D. Update from Scottish Executive.
Annex E. Update from National Assembly for Wales.
Annex F. Update from Northern Ireland Executive.

Annex A To
Dated 18 March 2003


WG1 - Developing a partnership between Government and the Veterans Organisations

Pursuing priority veteran's issues on a bilateral basis:

Mental Health issues DoH
Homelessness ODPM & Project Compass
Disregard DWP/LA's/HMT (covered later)
Advice Provision LCD

WG2 - Recognising the Special Status of Veterans - Communications

WG3 - Investigate the merits and implementation issues for a Veterans Identity Card

WG4 - Developing National Curriculum work material on Veterans achievements for the new Key Stages 1-4 scheme for Citizenship

WG5 - Improving Recognition and Celebration of the Services' Contribution to International Security.

WG6 - Using the EBPF to Commission Research for a Veterans' Need Map.

WG7 - Developing MOD Resettlement arrangements to address better the needs of the more vulnerable.

WG8 - Pensions and Compensation Review.

Bi-lateral meetings are the best way of achieving progress given the rather different interests of individual organisations.

WG9 - Improving long term care provided to Veterans.

Providing up to date guidance and net working opportunity.

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