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The cross-government Veterans programme, which works in close partnership with ex-service organisations, was launched in March 2001. Its aims are to address the needs of the veterans community.

The Minister for Veterans is responsible for ensuring that veterans issues are properly understood, appropriately prioritised and effectively addressed across government, and two groups, the Veterans Task Force and the Veterans Forum, were established to assist the Minister to deliver his responsibilities.

The three main priorities identified for the Initiative were:

An extraordinary Forum was held on 15 July 2003 to discuss the phasing out of the nine working groups which will be replaced by new working arrangements. Details on the new working arrangements can be found at Veterans working arrangements.

Consistent with the core theme of communication, the Minister meets a wide range of representatives from the veterans community through an annual meeting of the Veterans Plenary, where delegates are invited to express their views and concerns.

On 22 March 2006, the Minister for Veterans launched the latest version of a Strategy for Veterans.

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