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Airbourne Forces Security Fund
Browning Barracks
GU11 2BU

Telephone: Number: 01252 320772
Fax: Number: 01252 349203
E-mail Address:
Website Address: 

Officers and soldiers, serving and ex-service of Airborne Forces, the Parachute Regiment, Glider Pilot Regiment, Special Air Service Regiment and Airborne personnel of other Arms and Services i.e. those who wear or have worn the Red Beret, and their families are eligible for assistance

Types of Help

Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women
Ajex House
East Bank
Stamford Hill
N16 5RT

Telephone: Number: 020 8800 2844
Fax: Number: 020 8880 1117
E-mail Address:
Website Address:

Those of the Jewish faith who have served in HM Forces or the surviving spouse or dependant of such a person.

Types of help

Army Benevolent Fund
41 Queen's Gate
South Kensington

Telephone: Number: 0207 591 2000
Fax: Number: 0207 7584 0889
Website Address:

The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) is the Army's central charity. The fund does not deal directly with individual cases. Initial approach should be made to the Regimental Corps Association. Through these it provides support to all serving and ex-service Army personnel and their dependants who are in real need. In addition to individual benevolent grants, ABF also makes grants to over 70 national charitable organisations, which care for the needs of soldiers and their dependants.

Types of Help
In addition to general needs grants ABF also operates a number of special schemes including;

Auxiliary Territorial Service and Women's Royal
Army Corps Association (ATS & WRAC)
Benevolent Fund
AGC Centre
Worthy Centre
SO21 2RG

Telephone: Number: 01962 887612
Fax: Number: 01962 887478
Website Address:

Assistance to ex-servicewomen of all ranks of the QMACC, ATS, WRAC

Types of Help
There is no limitation on the purposes for which help may be considered, but length of service is taken into consideration. Grants are given for

For further information on ex-Service charitable funds and organisations click on the letter required.

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