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War Pensions Committees (WPC's) were first established in 1921, in the wake of World War I, to assist the Ministry of Pensions. Members undertook the adjudication and administration of grants to disabled ex-servicemen, the organisation of care for Widows and neglected children, and the monitoring of Ministry of Pensions administration of the War Disablement Pensions scheme.

There are now 13 WPCs which operate throughout the United Kingdom, with a separate committee in the Isle of Man and the War Pensions Advisory Committee in the Republic of Ireland.  Members are appointed by the Secretary of State, Committees are statutory bodies reconstituted under the Social Security Act 1989 and their members are appointed by the Secretary of State.  These committees are independent of the Ministry of Defence Service and the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

Veterans may ask for assistance from their local WPC at any time, with any difficulty they have regarding a War Pension.  WPCs can also assist  should a veteran have a problem or complaint about the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency or the War Pensioners Welfare Service.



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