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War Pension Committees - Role

Committee members have diverse backgrounds and skills which are utilised to support pensioners and the local veterans community.  Some have themselves completed lengthy military service, others have medical or legal qualifications and many have considerable experience working with the ex service charities.  These skills are used to:

  • Enable and foster local consultation by the Secretary of State on issues affecting war pensioners, surviving spouses or surviving civil partners.
  • Help to increase awareness about war pensions;
  • Support the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency by monitoring its welfare service, raising awareness of the service it provides and liaising with other organisations with a view to ensuring that the welfare needs of pensioners, surviving spouses, surviving civil partners and their dependants are suitably addressed
  • Assist war pensioners, surviving spouses and surviving civil partners with any problem or complaint regarding pensions or the welfare services provided by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

Committees may also

  • Assist any individual war pensioner, surviving spouse or surviving civil partner to peruse any problem or complaint.
  • Make representations and recommendations to the Secretary of State about any problem or complaint.
  • Report to the Secretary of State on any matter arising pursuant to its functions



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Page Modified: 05 September 2007

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